Why Was I So Worried?

If you read yesterday’s post about my nervousness to see my doctor then thank you, if you didn’t read it go read it now before reading this post. 

Okay so now you know all about why I was nervous to go see my GP yesterday – good.

So off I went after work to the local surgery and my first task was to request all my blood results for the past year. Usually I would only know details if there was something wrong but I have a bloods diary that I’ve not been keeping up with so I wanted to get back on track with. That poor receptionist was all a flutter as there were quite a number of tests to print out for me and unfortunately for her there was no option to select all and print. She resigned herself to the task while I saw the doctor.

My GP is probably the best GP I’ve ever had. He’s thorough, understanding, a runner himself, and explains this really well. You might think this is everyone all GPs should be (okay maybe not the runner bit) but sadly in my past experiences this hasn’t been the case. He’s the guy who pieced together all my symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis really early and got me referred to the specialist and I will always be grateful for that.

After explaining my knee troubles he set about a thorough examination of the problematic joint. Maybe yesterday wasn’t the most ideal day to be wearing not only odd socks but one had also been heavily chewed by the dog, plus the boxer shorts were from the “wear them when there’s no others” pile, because he asked me to remove my trousers to he could compare my knees and check them while walking. Oh well – probably not the worst thing he’s ever seen in his career!

Thankfully he concluded that i seem to have a patella tracking issue that could be resolved with physiotherapy. The fact that the rheumatoid factor in my recent blood tests was zero assured him that RA was not the root cause of this issue and I had no need to worry. He also said I could resume running – although he did say “light jogging”. Not a fan of the word “jogging” as it always seems inferior to “running”.

After two weeks of no running, a progressively worse mood as a result and a knee pain that wasn’t going away (although had got better) I can now “run” again. And I did – this morning and it was wonderful. It was a lovely 4km at a very steady pace and even better was the fact that light mornings are returning. Okay I needed the head torch at the beginning but it’s definitely getting lighter now. I did put on ice pack on the knee after the run just as a precaution, there was a little bit of pain during the run but no swelling so all it well.

All that worry was for nothing – it was just a running related injury. I feel like a bit of an idiot but looking at it positively the rest for my body may well have been needed and now I can move forward and start looking at some events. Another marathon seemed like a good idea, but I’m thinking about triathlon again and more specifically the iron distance version of it!

Thanks for reading.

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