Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 2 – Thursday

As well and documenting my training here on the blog I am also keeping a hand-written journal too. Keeping a journal is something I’ve often tried to do and it’s fallen by the wayside, so I am really making an effort to keep up with it, even if it is mainly about the marathon training. So, here’s my entry for this run…

8.12mi 1h3m TTM 50.46mi

I didn’t know it until I just wrote it above but this run took me past the 50-mile mark on my training journey. Given that this official plan only started 10 days ago and consists of 7 runs to date I am pretty pleased with that.

Today was labelled as “Intervals”. So I did Rabbit Alley, Startfits to Fadmoor, Gillamoor then KMS route (with a little bit of Keldholme) and alternated between an easy half-mile and then a hard half mile. Tough going in the hard intervals climbing to Fadmoor!

I feel so much better today. Less leg ache and my ankle seems better. Has my body finally accepted we are in training mode? I hope so.

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