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Running Diary 2018 – Week 8

Running week 19th to 25th January Distance this week: 37.9km Number of runs this week: 6 Distance to goal: 1912.3km What a difference a couple of weeks and a visit to the doctor makes! From worrying about never running again to running 6 days out of 7 – it’s an amazing turnaround. What’s more, I feel great […]

spinach and yoghurt filled pittas bread

Spinach and Yoghurt Pitta Breads

My new quest in the kitchen is to find tasty vegetarian lunches that are quick and simple to prepare. Often I find recipes by browsing blogs and cooking sites like I did with this one, which was originally for spinach and yoghurt flatbreads. Working so close to home means that I usually prepare my lunch on arrival. But, I need […]

meat vegetarian

Am I Becoming Vegetarian?

Am I becoming a vegetarian? That’s one question I truly thought I would never be asking myself. I grew up in a working-class family, my earliest memory of my Dad’s job was as a driver for a local farm. I also remember spending Saturdays with him in the truck going to the local abattoir (although […]

Why Was I So Worried?

If you read yesterday’s post about my nervousness to see my doctor then thank you, if you didn’t read it go read it now before reading this post.  Okay so now you know all about why I was nervous to go see my GP yesterday – good. So off I went after work to the […]