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A Father’s Day To Remember

Father’s Day 2018 – you were fabulous in all your normality. No huge fanfare or celebration, just a normal day with my family – just the way I like it.

Of course, the day started with Helen getting up first (a rarity when she isn’t working), obviously to gee up the girls and get them ready with cards and gifts. So I laid there expectantly waiting. And waiting. And waiting. In fact, in the end, I sat up and posted a tribute to my Dad on Instagram and still they hadn’t arrived.

The Gifts

Finally, the door handle gave its obligatory creek and the smiling face of V appeared in the widening aperture in the doorway. In piled three of our girls, who immediately climbed into bed with me. A sure sign that they are growing up is that even with only three-quarters of the brood in there with me there was practically zero remaining space. G eventually appeared looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Cards and presents were deposited on my lap and their expectant faces, eager to give away what was behind the wrapping paper, stared at me.

I am always grateful for any gifts and especially ones I can use. Novelty gifts are OK but I am a practical guy. So here’s a rundown on my assortment on presents:

  • An FCUK t-shirt
  • A long sleeve t-shirt by xxx
  • A lounge-wear (pyjamas) set from xxx
  • A couple of Nivea sets (one had some shave gel in and I’ve been forgetting to get some for weeks now)
  • A hot-chocolate kit (from school)
  • A Smarties tie (from school)
  • A poem (my favorite)

father's day poem

The Cards

Helen wisely chose Truprint to have bespoke Father’s Day card produced. They are fantastic and the photos she used have brought back some lovely memories. I’m afraid I’m not that person who sentimentally keeps every card I’ve ever been given, but with these, I’ll be making an exception.

Truprint Father's Day cards

The Day

So after a hearty full English breakfast and a Co-Op fresh croissant, it was time to start the day.

full English breakfast

It just so happened that L and D’s Royal Academy of Dance exams, grades 3 and 1 respectively, had been scheduled for June 17th. So after that mammoth breakfast, it was a trip to the dance studio in Malton. This involved lots of waiting around in almost near silence, but we managed it.

After D’s exam, we had a break before L had to be back for hers, so we headed around the corner to The Groovy Moo ice cream parlour. Frankly, this place serves up the most delicious, freshly made gelato I have ever tasted. I opted, as it was Father’s Day, for a triple waffle cone containing salted caramel, peanut butter cup and topped off with lemon meringue. 

The Groovy Moo ice cream parlour in Malton
A badly taken selfie where I do look to have a questionable expression!

Then, while L was in her exam, we all went off to Morrisons (oh we know how to live) to pick up some of there “take-away” meals to tea.

Before sitting down for the family Asian fusion mix of India and Chinese meals I disappeared with Duke for a nice 5 mile run.

All-in-all I had a lovely day spent with my family. In the evening, once they were all tucked up in bed I sat down to watch a couple of documentaries with my hot chocolate in my new mug. What more could I ask for?

Father's Day mug

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