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Fitness 101: Finding The Fun Factor

When starting a new fitness scheme, your priorities will probably lie with losing weight, getting stronger, or improving your 10km PB. While all of those incentives will keep you motivated, you must not ignore the need for sustainability. With this mind, injecting a sense of enjoyment is essential.

Once exercise becomes fun, you’ll be far less likely to start needlessly skipping sessions. While it’s possible that the transformation may happen a little slower, the outcomes will be far greater. Here’s how to crank up the enjoyment.

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Get Outside The Gym

Make no mistake; there’s nothing wrong with basing the majority of your workouts in the gym. Nonetheless, a change of scenery can be very good for you. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Playing 5-a-side football or another sport once per week can keep your mindset in a better place. Meanwhile, exploring the local area with an all terrain electric mountain bike can make exercise more exciting. Or if you do hit the gym, why not try the squash courts or swimming pool.

Aside from the direct benefits of your new workouts, you should find that this step also makes gym workouts more enjoyable.

Workout With A Friend

The fitness journey is a personal endeavour, but you don’t have to face it alone. In truth, teaming up with a friend could quickly become the greatest weapon in the battle against the bulge.

Whether it’s someone you already know or a virtual friend met on a fitness App doesn’t matter. The friendly competitive edge will change your mindset. Furthermore, the winning habits will encourage you to take active joy from exercise and getting fit. The results are phenomenal.

Better still, you will find that you start missing far fewer sessions. In turn, the knowledge that you’re working to the max will keep you smiling.

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Don’t Forget Your Taste Buds

Nutrition is an equally important aspect of healthy living as the exercise. Therefore, it deserves an equal level of attention. Not least because this is an aspect that you can master immediately.

Healthy eating needn’t stop you from having enjoyable treats. Similarly, your food needn’t be bland. These spiced apple baked oats are a good example, but there are plenty more recipes online. With the right support, this option needn’t break the bank either.

The dietary elements are often what lead people to failure. So, when you find ways to keep your taste buds happy, your hopes of success will improve too.

Monetise The Journey

While you might not enjoy your main job, you’ll love getting paid to get fit. While becoming a PT is certainly an option, you needn’t change your career to make it happen.

Blogging, vlogging, and social media influencing are all great options. Likewise, publications may pay to interview you or have a guest article. Companies may give you free products too. While it’s not quite the same as getting paid, it’s a good runner-up.

Knowing that you’ve helped others will have a positive impact on your life. Still, a fuller pocket to complement your slimmer waist is the real success.

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