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How To Convince Your Family Into Taking A Camping Holiday

Mention a camping holiday to your family, and you may not get the desired response you were looking for. Rather than excitement at being in the great outdoors, you may have to put up with moans and groans. Chances are, their complaints will get the better of you, and you will find yourself heading out to the same beach resorts and tourist complexes that you normally do. The shame of it. On the other hand, you can counter any arguments your family throws at you with some of the ideas in this article. You see, camping is great for any family if only they would take the time to experience such a holiday.

Family Complaint: Camping is boring!

Being outside in nature rocks. There are loads of things to do, from climbing trees to making woodland dens. There is much to see as well, with all kinds of wildlife running through the trees, and not forgetting the many beautiful sights within the great outdoors. There is loads of space for family games, as well as sports activities, kite flying, fishing, and more. If any of your family tell you that camping is boring, tell them to think again!

Family Complaint: There is no wifi, no power, no anything!

Camping doesn’t have to mean going tech-free. While it’s advisable to switch off your devices to help you all fully enjoy time together away from your devices, there may still be times when you or your family want to kick back with a movie on the iPad or to share pics on Facebook. Some campsites offer wifi, though you can pick up a signal booster if you are somewhere remote. You can also purchase solar blankets – see page – which will keep your devices (as well as more-essential items) fully charged and raring to go.

Family Complaint: Camping isn’t healthy

Nonsense of course, but your family may be concerned about bugs and beasties attacking them in the night, the lack of washing facilities, and the mental stress that comes from being in close proximity to each other. All reasonable arguments, but you can counter these with the health benefits that come from camping. You can also arm your family with bug sprays, as well as netting to protect them as they sleep at night if they truly are afraid of insect bites. You might also find a camping site with shower facilities, but even if you don’t, there isn’t any harm in roughing it for a while. And the stress of being in close proximity? Well, you don’t have to be when you’re away from the confines of a tent, but remind your family of the importance of taking the opportunity to have some quality time together for a change. Who knows? You may actually enjoy each other’s company!


If your family are still complaining, remind them of the money you will be saving, and how that can be put to better use down the line. Remind them of campfires and toasted marshmallows. Remind them of the true opportunity to get away from it all, away from pesky tourists. And remind them that you love them, and how camping will be a great way to nurture a special bonding time with them away from the confines of modern life. Camping is great if only they would listen to what you have to say.

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