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How To Give Antique Furniture The Optimal Refinish

When it comes down to refining and polishing up antique furniture, extra care and consideration need to come into play. The items you are dealing with could well be priceless and highly significant. Far more than old furniture, antiques carry huge amounts of historical and monetary value.

To keep them in great condition, you will need to take time to learn the right methods and techniques for refinishing them. You want to breathe life into these extra special pieces so they maintain their visual appeal on top of their value.

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Do your research and be safe

Being safe is a crucial element to any refinish. To do a successful job, you want to take special precautions as you will have to use various chemicals and appliances to do an effective job.

This means wearing the right protective clothing, working in a ventilated room and having safe places to store harmful cleaning tools is crucial. Take time to plan out the process and be extra careful if you live with young children who can be easily exposed.

Know the finish

Before you can start to refinish a piece of antique furniture, you must know how it is currently finished. It might be hard to pinpoint some finishes such as varnish and it may need closer inspection or a bit of experimenting.

You can do various things to test it such as using alcohol to wipe down and if it comes off then you know it’s a shellac coat. Other things such as paint will be simpler to pinpoint.

Don’t skip the cleaning process

Cleaning the furniture is hugely important and doing a thorough job can make the world of difference to the quality of the furniture. If you have a wood or wicker surface, you can use an oil-based wood cleaner to get through the dirt and grime.

Hopefully, this will reveal a shinier surface underneath. But if the item needs more, it’s worth getting some washing-up liquid and warm water.

Re-amalgamate for imperfections

If the surface of your piece of furniture is looking a bit tired and worn, the best way is to give it a spring clean is through re-amalgamation. This is when a solvent is applied straight to the surface to get rid of scratches, marks and other trouble areas.

It does depend on the furniture’s finish however as varnish cannot undergo this process. Once you are sure of the finish, you can go ahead with the re-amalgamation using a bristled brush. Just remember when applying to work quickly so the brush doesn’t dry.

Now you know some solid ways to get your antique furniture back into great condition, you will be able to restore your items with confidence.


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