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Am I Starting To Like Donald Trump?

Before I get onto the Donald Trump subject I need to clarify something. Those who take more than a fleeting glance at my Twitter history may realise that I have had a tendency to get sucked into political debates. This is actually something I have tried very hard not to do over the last six months and I feel better for it. With the arrival of the President of the United States (PotUS) in the UK yesterday and the media frenzy about it all, I was taking even great care not to get embroiled in any Twitter arguments.

So, why do I think I’m starting to like Donald Trump…?

The thing is, I don’t like him. I look at him, how he behaves, talks and acts and I am repulsed by him. I don’t like many of his political (if you can loosely call them that) beliefs and objectives either. But there is a couple of things, two attributes he has that I do like.

He gets things done

Nobody can argue, whether you like his politics or not, that Donald Trump has got things done since he took office. How refreshing is that in modern politics and governance? How often in Britain are we moaning that nothing gets done and that all the government do is talk. Yes, things do get changed eventually, I’m not trying to argue that our political system is benign.

But how refreshing would it be to have a Prime Minister a bit like Trump in the respect of getting on with the job and actually making things happen?

He doesn’t talk like a politician

You cannot argue that Donald Trump isn’t a straight talker. Yes, he comes across as crass and rude but at least he says what he thinks. I’d actually go so far as to say he comes across as honest because he comes out with unbelievable comments that you couldn’t believe his press team would concoct it.

He’s still all over Twitter like a rash and spouting whatever he wants and whatever he thinks. But isn’t that refreshing? The next time you watch a speech by Theresa May you might realise just how politically she speaks. To me, she never comes across as genuine at all. 

The perfect politician

There is no such thing as the perfect politician – fact. But politics today in the UK has moved so within itself that the normal person on the street isn’t interested. Whilst Donald Trump is arguably the most divisive world leader you have ever seen he is certainly making people pay attention, which is far more than can be said of our own leader at the moment.

For the record

For the record, I still don’t like Donald Trump and think the US can do so much better. However, a do-er and an honest speaker are attributes I want in a leader with sound political agendas.


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