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Make Your Quad Riding Safer With These 5 Guidelines

People in the UK have embraced quad riding, which is one of the most popular hobbies. As this hobby becomes more popular, safety remains an important aspect of riding an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and with that in mind, here are a few guidelines to follow when exploring the British countryside on a quad.

  1. Always Wear Protective Clothing – You should never, under any circumstances, ride a quad without wearing suitable safety equipment and clothing. Aside from the obvious crash helmet and goggles, you should be wearing a pair of rugged boots with full ankle support, decent gloves, plus trousers and a jacket that are thick and offer some protection. You could wear a full-face helmet, but most riders prefer an open face model and they wear suitable goggles for eye protection.
  1. Inspect Your Quad Prior To Riding – You should have a quick walk around, looking for any issues and checking that tyres are correctly inflated and are not damaged in any way. If you have yet to acquire your first quad, there are a variety of quad bikes for sale with finance online from a leading supplier of both used and new quads, plus they stock all the accessories that you might need.
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  1. Enrol in a Quad Riding Course – If you have zero experience riding an ATV, you should enrol in a quad riding course, which would teach you everything you need to know in order to ride safely. It is easy to find such a course with a Google search. You can learn on days that suit your busy schedule, and most courses are held at weekends, which is very convenient. The course will teach you all about balance and weight transference, which is a critical part of quad riding, plus you will learn about cornering and how to brake safely.
  1. Avoid Cornering At High Speed – Keep this in mind at least until you are a proficient quad rider, as cornering at high speed is the most common form of accident on a quad. Just like learning to drive or ride a motorcycle, you should be aware of your own personal limitations, plus know the machine’s capabilities. Always have the greatest of respect for your vehicle, and if you are riding a powerful machine, take things easy until you are an experienced rider. There are more tips you can find online on how to stay safe riding a quad.
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  1. Have Your Quad Serviced Regularly – If you ride aggressively, your machine has to endure many stresses and strains, which means it needs to be serviced on a regular basis. The service would include replacing the engine oil, checking that all systems are in good order, plus the mechanic would check that all safety features are in place and that the brakes are in good order.

Quad riding can be really exhilarating and it is classed as a dangerous pastime, so you do need to respect the power that your quad has, and by following all of the above, you are greatly reducing the risks of having an accident when out and about on your ATV.

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