Our Traditional New Year's Day Walk | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Our Traditional New Year’s Day Walk

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Yorkshire Dad of 4 blog for 2019! A tradition we have in our family is that on New Year’s Day we go for a walk. Now, keen followers may wonder what’s special about that given that I am forever out walking. You may have a point. But, it’s a tradition and we stick to it.

Today, however, there was a fly in the proverbial ointment. Helen had to work a 12-6 shift at the shop. We could have got up early and gone out, except we had a bit to drink last night and didn’t get to bed until well after midnight. That was all of us. Well, maybe the young ‘uns weren’t drinking. So, naturally, we didn’t get up early and go for a walk. We did sleep in and then have bacon sandwiches for breakfast though!

So, after breakfast, I squeezed in a quick run with Duke before Helen had to leave. Then I had the traditional argument with the eldest teenager about joining us for a walk. Amazingly, she came and (don’t tell her) I was delighted!

When we take the dogs out the girls like to know which walk we’re doing. Like I have a playbook of walks. I don’t. What I do enjoy is looking a the map n my OS Explorer app and plotting a new course along the green dotted lines. So that’s what I did – a new route about the woodland north of Sinnington.

Despite protestations going up the first hill (see the photo at the top) they came back having enjoyed the walk. Time out together, taking photos and laughing at Duke trying to carry small trees rather than sticks is always great. 

More of this, please

So, I am hoping that in 2019 we do more of this. Our diaries are so full I’m not sure it’s possible but you’ve got to try, eh?

If nothing else, I’ll always have these fantastic family photos…

Our Traditional New Year's Day Walk | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

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  1. I canโ€™t say we go for a New Years walk itโ€™s too cold haha! Lots of running in our home as Emily prepares for the London marathon this year Thanks for linking to #Thatfridaylinky hope to see you next week

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