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Running with Kids

This last weekend something happened that is quite rare for me. One of my girls wanted to go running with her Daddy. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity at all. Aside from a few cameos at Park Run and the odd time around our home town, the girls don’t really go running with me. […]

Running Dad Diaries: Another 100 Miles in the Bank

After I completed the Wakefield Hospice 10k last weekend I knew I had a problem. Not an injury, thank goodness, but the fact that my target of reaching 100 miles of running in the month of March was still some 43km away. Could I get it done? With Sunday being Mother’s Day I had already […]

Running Dad Diaries: Running in the North Yorkshire Moors | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I’m Running the Turnpike Trot

When 2019 rolled around I had no plans to run any races. I was happy just running with Duke rather than training for events. Then I ran the Thirsk 10 mile last week and I’m running the Wakefield Hospice 10K tomorrow. The bug has bitten again. Running with hoards of likeminded people, the sound of […]

Thirsk 10 | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running Dad Diaries: Thirsk 10 Race Review

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a running diary entry. Life has been hectic due to the girls and their dancing competition which spanned two weekends. My endurance training was sure put to the test – who knew sitting down for hours on end could be so exhausting. Anyway, I’m back […]

Domain Authority 2.0 - Thanks for Nothing Moz | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Domain Authority 2.0 – Thanks for Nothing Moz

For any blogger wishing to monetise their blog through paid guest posts, collaborative posts or general sponsored posts in some way such as gifting, Domain Authority is vital. Prospective collaborative partners with check your score and assess whether you are worthwhile working with. So, the higher your score the better your chances. What is domain […]