Running Dad Diaries: April was a HUGE month | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running Dad Diaries: April was a HUGE month

Setting myself the challenge of running 100 miles each month seemed to me like a reasonable one. But, in April I went way beyond that and I wasn’t really trying…

Running Dad Diaries: April was a HUGE month | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The Kirkbymoorside 10K

I’ve not written much on here for a couple of weeks now. Largely this has been due to the fact I am the Race Director for the Kirkbymoorside 10K and that has been taking up much of my time.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been running. On the contrary, I have been running but did tone it down a little.

A quieter week

The week after my last running diary update I decided to run a little less.

But, 4 running days out of 7 and 33km run isn’t too shabby. 

A personal challenge

The problem with being one of the organisers of your hometown race is that you don’t get to take part in it. I never have, having got involved shortly after moving here.

I’ve run the route countless times though and in the week leading up to the race I set out on a personal challenge – to run the course every day for 7 days.


Steady away and did it in 48:24.


Aimed to go a bit quicker that Monday and did it in 47:58


I put my watch on race mode and tried to better my Tuesday time. Came in at 45:46.


Race mode again trying to beat Wednesday. 45:08 and not quite the sub-45 I’d have liked. However, the GPS was way off on the course and I ran 50m past the finish line. Damn GPS!


My right Achilles was feeling quite sore, so rather than go for that sub-45 I just kept it easy. I still managed 48:08.


The day before race day and I marked the kilometre points on the course. It was every kind of weather that morning. Wind, rain, sunshine, HAIL! Somehow I managed 53:13 and that must be a marker of baseline fitness. I also ran the 4km fun run course straight after to mark that out too.

Running Dad Diaries: April was a HUGE month | The Yorkshire Dad of 4


Race day. My Achilles was still sore and I questioned whether or not to run. I decided to do it but took it steady and came in at 50:42.

And now rest

So after race day, I took a rest day on Monday. But I wasn’t just tired. I have come down with something and this is my 3rd day of not running. With 54km in the bank for the month, I might have a bit of catching up to do to hit my 100-mile target.

Hows your running going?

Thanks for reading.



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