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Where Else Can You Find Your Runner’s High?

If you are a runner, running is like a religion to you. There is something profoundly meditative and mindful about running. In many ways, it is akin to a religious belief that provides support in times of hardship. Therefore, it’s easy to get enthusiastic about your time on the road. But not everybody is a runner. 

Running is a source of joy and comfort when you realise that it is the right activity for you. Needless to say, every runner wants to inspire someone else to embrace this accessible and enjoyable sport. But, it would be unfair to pretend that everyone can embrace it. How can you experience the famous runner’s high when running isn’t your thing? 

Here is how we (roughly) define the essential criteria for the runner’s high: 

  • It is an introspective activity
  • There is a feel-good hormonal rush
  • You can overcome previous fitness limits

Think of it as a modern-day hero workout

Giving your workout a purpose can completely change your perspective. You may not be keen on typical indoors workout plans. But if you utilise some exercises to build up strength and endurance in a meaningful way, such as this typical firefighter workout, you can build a new relationship with your activity of choice. In the UK, you can volunteer at your local fire service or become a retainer firefighter. The process allows you to carry on with your day-to-day career, and only respond when called. But, the life-saving purpose can give a feel-good sensation to your training. 

Relive your favourite Bruce Lee’s films

You’d be surprised by how powerful your mind is. If you do something you love, you could get busy for hours without even noticing it. Imagination can be a game-changer when looking for a runner’s high in other activities. You can tap into your childhood’s dreams and relive your favourite martial arts battle. For anybody who grew up watching karate films, martial arts can give you the adrenaline rush and high you crave. It’s a highly disciplined skill that teaches you a lot about discipline and body control. However, mastering the famous Bruce Lee’s flying kick is worth the effort. 

Racing on the water

Rowing is quintessentially British. Joining a rowing club is the best way to row on the river and join river races. But part of your training involves weekly practice sessions outdoors and indoors endurance practice. Surprisingly, you’ll be using your legs almost as much as if you were running. However, rowing focuses on short rushes of energy to win races. Nevertheless, most rowers agree that they find the environment soothing – on the water – and always experience a boost in excitement. 

Become a skater boy

Roller sports have a 1980s feel to it. However, don’t let it fool you. It can be an intense workout that trains your legs and core. Roller skating is suitable both as an indoors and outdoors activity for individuals with good agility and flexibility skills. There’s a lot of joy in mastering tricks and flips. For a brief moment, it feels like you’re flying, and that’s where you’re going to experience the metaphorical and physical high!

The runner’s high is one of the most famous elements of running. However, if for a reason or another, you are not a runner, other activities can get close to the same sensations. And, who knows? You may find running more comfortable once you’ve unlocked your fitness superpower! 

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