Month: March 2018

What’s In A Name

baby names what's in a name

For most people, the moment they find out that they are expecting attention turns to potential baby names for the new arrival. Of course, more and more people are choosing the find out the sex of their baby and thus narrow down the search field for that all important name. So how did you choose …

Spring Forward


I love. No, I LOVE the day the clocks go forward. Spring is that time of year when the nights really start to become longer and the weather is definitely warming up. Here’s why I love it so much. Longer Days I’m not sure whether I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but during the short winters …

Runners Kneesup

runners knee

Anyone who has read my blog before will know I like to run and that recently I have been suffering from some knee issues – probably runners knee. Today I got some news about the long-running knee saga. Runners Knee On a visit to see my GP a few weeks ago, he referred me to …