How to Get the Kids Involved in Activities

Finding ways to get the kids involved in fun and physical activities is a great way to boost their health and well-being. However, participating in new activities can be pretty daunting for a child. The benefits may be clear, but it is not always easy getting them to see them. That means you have to find new ways to include them to build their confidence. By enjoying family activities, you are helping your child in a number of ways. So, let’s look at some ways you can encourage your children to join in with activities.

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What Are Their Interests?

As a starting point, you can use your children’s interests to encourage them into activities. If they are particularly shy, it may mean you have to watch them and learn about the things they like. Perhaps they are always reading and stories, maybe you could find a theatre they could join, or if that is too much, maybe buy a play and begin acting it out. Bringing a story to life can have hugely beneficial effects. If they enjoy watching football and are always watching, maybe you could buy a football and have a kick about with them or find a local football club. If you start with something they like, it will be easier to encourage them out.

Take them to See an Activity

Perhaps of your child is hesitant to join in a club, perhaps you could take them to see a local football game or go and see a play or dance show. If they can see the activity going on and maybe even speak to some of the people involved, they will feel more likely to join in. If your child has more outgoing friends, or a cousin, etc., maybe you could pair them up and take them to see the plays or games together. If the more outgoing child wants to try it, then this may help encourage your child.

Be Active

If you want more active children, it definitely helps if you practice what you preach. If they can see you exercising in some form, maybe jogging or going to or from the gym, they will pick up on these habits. Perhaps some family walking days wouldn’t go amiss. Or if you can walk them to school instead of relying on the car, it has clear advantages – for you as well as the children. 

Family Activity Days

Why not have a specific activity that the whole family partakes in once a month. Everyone in the family gets to pick an activity, like paintballing, hiking, abseiling, etc., and then you all get to do it. When you look into this, you will find that there are an awful lot of family adventures you can go on, and if everyone gets to choose an activity, no one will be left out. Perhaps the only stipulation has to be that everyone has to be able to do it, it can’t exclude younger people, and it has to be within x miles of the house.

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