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It’s a long road

If you’ve read any of my recent blogs then you’ll no doubt already know I’d been struggling with this training plan for the Blackpool Marathon in April. Today I was meant to do a 16 miles run…

I didn’t. To get that run in would have meant some serious squeezing in and compromise on being at home. I was needed for some taxi duties and frankly, I couldn’t be bothered.

I ran 8 miles. Still a good distance, I know, but not what was required as per the plan.

But I am changing the plan. I have decided and I will work on it later. Marathon training is a long road and I have time to make the changes.

Anyway, I took myself up to the North York Moors for my long Sunday run.

Rudland Rigg is somewhere I’ve fancied running before. There’s a track that runs from just north of Gillamoor/Fadmoor all the was up the Battersby.

Thanks to OS Maps’ 3D aerial photos this is what it looks like on a good day:

Source: OS Maps

But of course, today it wasn’t quite so clear:

Up on Rudland Rigg | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I wasn’t expecting to find anyone else up there in this weather. But, there were folk out walking and people on off-road motorbikes. Plus, I did spot another runner some distance away on another track.

Today I wasn’t chasing a time or a pace or a distance. I was just trying to enjoy the run and being out in the open and fresh air.

I will definitely be back up there soon. Not only is there this track, but there are also others that shoot off in other directions and of course the footpaths across the moorland.

This week I’ve run 42 miles, that’s my biggest week for a long time. Also, so far in January, I’ve run over 134 miles! Blimey…

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